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Illnesses Caused by A-bomb Radiation and Folk Remedies for them

November 1989

Illnesses Caused by A-bomb Radiation and Folk Remedies for them
-Wisdom of Folkway -

OGAWA Arata Ph.D./小川新(医学博士)

1. Death Rate

2. Symptoms of Initial Radiation Damage

(1) Vomiting, Nausea, Anorexia   
(2) Diarrhea   
(3) Purpura of Petechia   
(4) Epilation   
(5) The Oral Pharynx Focus   
(6) Bleeding   
(7) Fever
3. Medical Treatment of Modern Western Medicine at an Early Stage
(1) Burn and External Injury   
(2) Guides on Remedy given by Prof. Tsuzuki. (September 3, 1945)   
1) Severely wounded (leucocyte count less than 1000 )   
2) Slightly wounded ( epilation, oralinfection, diarrhea, leucocyte count over 1,000)   
3) Mildly wounded ( light epilation, diarrhea and gingivitis)   
(3) Report on Medical Treatment for the Injured at Early Stage:   
The acute period (up to the second week)   

4. Folk Remedies
(1) Folk Medicine   
(2) From the local press   
(3) A Relief Report by Prof. Nagai (from August to October 1945)   
(4) Explanation of my Research Data on Folk Remedies   

5. Descriptions of “Folk” Remedy and Medicine
6. Description of Folk Medicines and Cases Treated with
(1) Houttuyniae Herba (Juyaku)   
(2) Leaves of Cinnamomum Camphora Herb   
Case of 18 years old young man   
(3) Leaves of the Japanese Persimmon Herb   
(4) Cipangopal Udina Herb   
(5) Salt Water   

7. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits   
8. Moxibustion
(1) Symptoms on Oral Cavity, Stomach, and Intestine. (with diarrhea)   
(2) Acute Radiation Disease   

9. Vomiting Method
10. The Concept of the Poison (drugs) and the Actual Treatment
11. Problems of Late Appearing Disorders from Radiation (illustration by examples)
12. Summary


   To the citizens of Hiroshima who had to experience the first man-made atomic explosion. How dreadful and deplorable it was. However necessary they may be, nuclear weapons should never be used to slay his fellow human being.
   Toward the end of the Second World War, I was serving Japanese Army as an army surgeon at a little town called Kata, Wakayama. There, in the evening of August 6, I heard about A-bomb dropped in Hiroshima. Since my home is in the suburbs of Hiroshima, six or seven kilometers away from the hypocenter (center of A-bomb explosion), damage from it was unthinkable. After being discharged from the army on August 20, I hurried back to Hiroshima only to except for a few ferro-concrete buildings, the see wide stretch of burnt ruins. Whole city was flattened. My home was in good condition, as expected, but in the houses in my neighborhood, there were many A-bomb victims suffering from the blast. They were indeed in good health right after the blast, but within a few weeks started to show physical disorders caused by radiation: epilation, high fever, bleeding, and gingivitis. Most of them passed away within 35 days after the blast. (Somatic effects of radiation in the sub acute period)
   The condition of Hiroshima at the time was so bad that a single dextrose was precious. Medicine to cure burn such as ointment, mercurochrome were at hand, but sanitary materials were next to none. It wasn't till September that we got proper medicine to cure the victims, which was made possible by Dr. Marcel Junod of International Red Cross (a special envoy to Hiroshima) who asked General Douglas Mac Arthur for medical supplies to be given to the victims.
   As you can imagine, this terrible shortage of medicine, psychologically motivated people to seek for anything that could be used as medicine, since we, medical doctors, ourselves didn’t t know what to do. But to our surprise, after forty-four years from that blast, there are a lot of A-bomb survivors-in second stage (sub-acute period)-in good health living an ordinary life now, which is incredible. They are the ones who sought for medicine. What then saved them? Sorry to say, but it was neither modern medicine nor doctors. It was wisdom of folkways, which has been utterly disregarded by the doctors who have been treating A-bomb victims to this day without being able to cure thorn to perfection.
For this medicine of wonder (wisdom of folkways) is so incredible, I have been trying to gather information on this for the past thirty years, asking my colleagues for it, but in vain. My aim was to publish a book on this matter, so that people who suffer or will suffer in the future from radiation sickness can benefit from it. It wasn't till Mr. Yamauchi, a reporter on the Chugoku Shinbun (the largest newspaper in the area) who wrote about my intense desire to gather information about A -bomb survivors in the paper, that I started to get it from all sorts of men who knew or were the user themselves of this medicine of wonder. Thankfully, I can introduce some of them to you (rare experiences)
   Even in peacetime, we are always endangered by mishaps from atomic plants, and various nuclear powered arms. So, to cope with on corning future radiation sickness, I hope the followings will help you in someway. The aim of publishing this booklet is to enlighten those doctors who practice western medicine to know more about oriental medicine.

1. Death Rate

  A-bomb illness is a general term for the disease caused by blasts, thermal rays, and radiation.
  The intensity of A-bomb damage caused by thermal rays, radiation, and blasts increases in proportion to the proximity to the hypocenter. But by having shielding of some sorts, who could either absorb or reflect these three enormous energies of A-bomb, damages could be lessened.
  According to Special Committee for the Investigation of A-bomb Damage, both in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, death rate of A-bomb survivors who were within 1200 meters from the hypocenter at the time for the blast is presumably 50 %, and those who were closer to the hypocenter, 80~100 %. Many of them died instantly, but some survived, yet their death rate was extremely high. According to coroner's report, made by Genzaburo Masuyama at University of Tokyo, number of death total can be shown by fixed exponential function curve. To every six days after the blast, death rate of 50% was observed. Thus within forty days, 90% of them passed away.
  As for death rate relating to the distance form the hypocenter and effectiveness of having a shielding, please refer to table 1, and 2, and 3. In addition, to those who were in ferroconcrete buildings, death rate within 400 meters from the hypocenter was 57.5 % and for 1000, 6.5%.




2. Symptoms of Initial Radiation Damage

(1) Vomiting, Nausea, Anorexia
   The core of my survey this time is focused on radiation damages given right after the blast. Followings are research data from, Japan-U. S. Joint Commission.
   These symptoms (vomiting, nausea, anorexia) of digestive organs were observed on 71% of the victims on August 6, and lasted for a few days.

(2) Diarrhea 
   Thirty-seven percent of those who survived for 20 days after the blast, and 50% of those who were exposed to A-bomb within 1000 meters from the hypocenter had diarrhea. When hemorrhagic stool was seen, it was mistaken as infectious disease for a while and out of 2,500 survivors of 20 days, 16% of them had it.

(3) Purpura of Petechia
   Earliest purpura was seen on the second day from the blast and its peak, 20~30 days after the blast. It was seen mainly on one's head, and chest (upper half of the body). 49% of those who were exposed to A-bomb within 1000 meters from hypocenter showed purpura, and beyond 5,000,  0.5%.

(4) Epilation
   Epilation was seen earlier than purpura. At the beginning of the second week from the blast, it abruptly started. To those who were within 1,000 meters from the hypocenter, epilation began averaging in 17.2 days, and 69% of them suffered from it. ( beyond 3000,  2%)  Needless to say, but with shielding, epilation lessened.
   Epilation lasted averaging for one or two weeks and new hair started revive within eight to ten weeks. Most of the survivors got their hair back in twelve to fourteen weeks.

(5) The Oral Pharynx Focus 
   The oropharynx focus is often seen with purpura and epilation. 69% of those who were within 1000 meters from the hypocenter suffered from it. The focal infection starts with redness and spontaneous pain of pharynx and palate, and thereafter, moves fast to bleeding, necrosis and to formation of ulcer. Many died from severe ulceration. It took two to three weeks to get well even with proper treatment. 10% of these patients had necrotic gingivitis.

(6) Bleeding
   Due to lessening of thrombocyte, necrosis of mucous membrane and other tissue, formation of ulcer and infection, bleeding tendency was accelerated.
Epistaxis and uterine hemorrhage was often hard to stop, ending with massive hemorrhage, Also bleeding from the oral cavity, the rectum, the urethra, and air passage were common. They were due to injury of bone marrow. These severely wounded victims passed away within 14 days from the blast. According to Naval hospital at Iwakuni, their nine patients were exposed to radiation in ferro-concrete building within 240 meters from hypocenter, and their leucocytes count from 6 to 7 days after the blast were between 400 and 150, and within 8 to 11 days from the blast, all of them passed away.

(7) Fever
   Fever is deeply related with infection. Attack of fever was seen among the 20 days survivors after the blast and 35% of those who were within 1,000 from the hypocenter had this symptom. (beyond 5000, 5%) Victims from serious radiation damage had symptoms vomiting and nausea with fever within a few hours. Severely wounded victims had temperature rise of their body after 5 to 7 days from the blast and it lasted till death Victims with mild case had symptoms of vomiting, and nausea but soon disappeared as moving moth period of incubation without fever. But when epilation and purpura appeared, fever with them. Those who had continuous high fever passed away but when leucocytes count became normal, reduction of fever was observed.

3. Medical Treatment of Modern Western Medicine at an Early Stage

   Methods of Modern Western medicine in treating A-bomb victims right after the blast.
   Unburnt hospitals, shrines, factories, and barracks were used as first aid stations. Since most of the buildings were damaged, medical supplies were destroyed and most of the doctors and nurses were injured themselves, medical treatment was extremely difficult.

(1) Burn and External Injury
   The only way to treat burn was to apply zinc oxide oil or ointment to it. Seed oil, edible oil, caster, oil, and machine oil were sometimes used as substitution for zinc oxide oil. Acrinol, tincture of iodine, cresol, mercurochrome, boracic ointment were also used.
   Peculiarity of A-bomb disease was difficulty in stopping the bleeding from external in jury. As hemostatic method, oppressive tampon and tampon with adrenaline were used but weren't effective. External injury was suppurative and easily turned into gangrene eventually, diarrhea and bloody excrements were seen which was mistaken as dysentery. Testing result of bacterial culture was negative, and antibacterial drugs were po warless.
   According to Prof. Chuta Tamagawa at University of Hiroshima, he, after the blast, went to Hiroshima Prefectural Office asking for permission of autopsy on A-bomb victims but in vain. Yet knowing so many people dying day after day, finally on August 27, he decided to give autopsy without getting a permit, for the cause of bleeding might be dysentery. Later, his view on autopsy was given to Prefecture Health Department, as the cause was not from ulceration of dysentery, for bleeding from myelo-phthisis, Lung, heart, stomach and intestine were all in capillary vessels.

(2) Guides on Remedy given by Prof. Tsuzuki. (September 3, 1945) 
   To the victims who have epilation, oral infection, bleeding, and fever.
1) Severely wounded (leucocyte count less than 1000 )
(a)Symptomatic therapy Be careful when killing pains giving a heart stimulant, and stop bleeding.
(b)If possible, preparation to save slightly wounded victims should be done. ( these severely wounded are far too gone to be saved)

2) Slightly wounded ( epilation, oralinfection, diarrhea, leucocyte count over 1,000) (a)Rest quietly and take fresh and highly nutritious food.
(b)Protein stimulative therapy
   Intramuscular injection method of one's blood: Extract 20~30 cc blood from one's vein, and give intramuscular injection to his femur. If possible, transfusion of fresh same type of blood(100 cc) should be done once per day.
(c)Plenty of vitamin B and C,  fresh fruits and vegetables should be given
(d)Calcium drugs of 20 cc, such as calcium chloride should be injected once or twice per day.
(e)Raw, cooked or powdered liver should be given.
(f)Physiological saline, ringer solution, 5% solution of glucose of 50 cc should be given by subcutaneous transfusion every day.

3) Mildly wounded ( light epilation, diarrhea and gingivitis)
   Remedy for mildly wounded corresponds with that of slightly wounded. Bed rest is especially needed. Also taking salt and koha(criptcianin), boiled juice of persimmon leaves, sake, intravenous injection of 40% solution alcohol, and intramuscular injection of extracted cod-liver oil of cow increased leucocyte count.
   Malnutrition due to food shortage from the war was one of the factors to accelerate death rate. Thankfully, we were able to get penicillin, sulfaguanidin, plasma from U.S. Occupation Army Stationed in Japan with the help of Dr. Marcel Junod of International Red Cross. With these drugs recovery of infection and blood picture were accelerated after sub-acute period.

(3) Report on Medical Treatment for the Injured at Early Stage:
      The acute period (up to the second week)
   The treatment methods shown so far were decided on September 3, after finding that the cause were from A-bomb radiation. Then, how were the medical treatment on these people prior to September ?

From the Asahi Press
"Clinical Report on A-bomb victims Suffering from Epilation."

  The August 29, 1945 issue of Asahi carries the patient's recovery report who were hospitalized in a hospital attached to the University of Osaka and a report on the spot survey by assistant professor Nagai Excerpts of the article follow:

1)Case of a 37 years old male who was within 3,000 meters from the hypocenter. No wound except a slight burn around his mouth -- no appetite. Three days later, he felt like vomiting and had a high fever (40℃). His pulse was 110-120, so he was hospitalized. Before long, the burn around his mouth started to spread out and he suffered from gingivitis, purpura, epilation.
2)His leucocyte count came down to 430. In spite of eutrophic and injections, he passed away after 18 days from the blast. Case of a 28 years old male who was within 1,200 meters from the hypocenter . He was pinned down under the timbers of his factory which has collapsed but no injury. He was hospitalized a day after the blast. His leucocyte count came down to 2,000 and he had symptoms such as gingivitis, purpura and epilation. He passed away on August 16.

   In both cases (1,2) , swelling of blood making organs, such as spleen etc . which is seen when one gets intense roentgen irradiation were observed.

3)Case of a 26 years old student soldier who was within 1,000 meters from the hypocenter. He wasn't hurt and was in good shape so busied himself in relief activities of victims for a few days. But on fifth day from the blast, anorexia, weariness, fever (40-42℃) , diarrhea, gingivitis took him and he coughed out phlegm and blood. He passed away on August 17. The longer the time spent on relief activities of victims, the worse the symptoms of radiation intensity. Out of 400 victims who were hospitalized in the hospital, next to none were left.
4)Case of a 28 years old male who was not too far from the hypocenter. He wasn't hurt but he stayed in the polluted area for a week to look for his relatives. He, after reaching home, passed away. The condition at the time of death : incredibly fast pulse frequency, but a clear consciousness.' It seems that the measure clinically taken to meet this situation is far from appropriate.

From the Mainichi Press
  "Two weeks after the blast ・・・ black hair falls into tatters."

   The August 21, 1945 issue of Mainichi carries an article alleging that the thorough investigation by medical circles must be carried out. Excerpt from the article follows.

    On August 12, a worn out 36 years old patient was taken to Tsuzuki surgery by her family.
    She is that Midori Oki, a star performer in an itinerating theatrical performing group "Sakuratai" , having Sadao Maruyama as its leader. She was exposed to A-bomb in a inn near Fukuya department store which was within 700 meters from the hypocenter. Out of 17 members, 13 were dead on the spot. Rest of them were living barely but eventually passed away. Other than getting a light abrasion on her back, she was in good shape. So the went back to Tokyo alone. But due to severe anorexia, 14 days after the blast, she was no longer what she was ten days ago. Her tufty black hair started to fall out and that light abrasion on her back abruptly started to get bigger and became suppurative. Her leucocyte count came down to 500~600, and as a last resort, blood transfusion was given to save her but from that tiny hole made by the injection needle, cauterization started to take place. 19 days after the blast, she passed away.

4. Folk Remedies

(1) Folk Medicine
   This peculiar word "Folk medicinal", and medicine themselves were divised in Japan through countless experiences, driven by necessity within our living. It's been used by our ancestors for thousands of years and its usage, effectiveness, are handed down to us by word of mouth.
   Folk medicine is usually used singly, where as Chinese medicine plurally (mixture of several herbs). What we call Chinese medicine in Japan differs a little, in that prescription of Chinese medicine is given only after observing the patient from the standpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, with it considering many overlapping symptoms (syndrome) of the illness, and by observing a medical prescription rule given in the original ancient Chinese medical books. Original ancient Chinese medical books: “ShoKanRon”, “KinKiYoRyaku”, “SenKinHou”, “WaZaiKyokuHou”, were written 2,000 years ago in China. We, herb doctors, prescribe Chinese medicine observing the treating methods written in the original ancient Chinese medical books and administer medicine to a patient. At present in Japan, herb medicine is handled by the doctors and pharmacists who studied Chinese classic medicine. Chinese medicines are mostly imported from China which makes nonprofessionals hard to handle.
   On the other hand, folk medicines can be acquired from our living surroundings. They are easy to acquire and one can be nonprofessional when using them, for most people know how to handle them.
Folk medicine (plants, vegetables, fruits, sea food, weeds etc.) has a long history. It was originated many thousands of years ago in Japan by the people who suffered from various diseases. Out of necessity a lot of folk medicines were devised, after going through countless experiments, confirming their effectiveness as drugs. This wisdom of folk, coming from wanting to survie, is priceless in its nature.
   When everything was destroyed all at once by enormous energies of A-bomb, medical supplies to cure the victims were next to none, so to cure wounds, they had to seek for anything that could be used as medicine . Plants, food, vegetables etc. around them were used as medicine.
   The reason why I wrote this booklet is to share this precious medicine with you. There are about 150 folk medicines in all. Most of them are handled by specialist, but about 20 of them can be used freely by common people.
   In Japan and in China, a phrase “Ishoku-dogen” or “Yakushoku-dogen” exists sensuously within our daily living. It means, meals to keep up your health and medicine aren't two different things. In other words, if you eat food which is medicinal, it will be a medicine in itself working as preventive medicine.

   Medicinal foods cucumber, cabbage, kumquat, wheat, taro, potato, watermelon, buckwheat, radish, onion, eggplant, tangerine, welsh onion, myoga, apricot (Japanese apricot) , ginger, perilla, cinnamon, etc. oyster, snail corbicula mudsnail (pond) , egg, loach, trepang (seaslug), slag, sea-bream, viper, earth worm, mole, lamprey, carp, etc

(2) From the local press
"A Form on Dissection of A-bomb, having Professor Tuzuki as a Guest"
Taken from the September 12,  1945 issue.

" Doc.  Quite a few patients come to my hospital complaining of disorder of bone marrow. Not m any would die, just f rom having low leucocyte counts.
Prof.  Moxa cautery to the bone marrow would be very effective.
Doc.  I've got an excellent outcome, by giving leaves of the Japanese persimmon herb juice to the patients.
Prof.  Since persimmon(kaki) leaves are rich m vitamin if taken as drinking tea, one can get a good result.
Doc.  By giving vitamin, calcium pill, 100-cc blood transfusion every day (or every other day) to my patients. I've been trying to get them to cure. Outcome of this trial can't be acquired till more trials has been done . I think the people who had hypodermic hemorrhage are incurable. Also the blood transfusion to the patient whose leucocyte count 500-600 isn't effective. Moxibustion to the patient whose leucocyte count is less than 1,000 isn't effective, either. ( As for outcome on the patient who has fever is the same.)"

  Taking from this forum, pharmacological understanding as to effectiveness of Folk medicine was scanty. As for moxibustion, worse.

(3) A Relief Report by Prof. Nagai (from August to October 1945)
   According to a relief report made by Prof. Nagai at university of Nagaski during those few months, treating methods of A-bomb victims were as follow :

1)Environmental treatment ( treatment given at home, preferably in the country where fresh air and food can be obtained).
3)Intramuscular injection of one's blood
4)General conservative treatment :
(a)External wound
(b)External burn
(c)Early appearing blood disorder
(d)Early appearing disorder of digestive organ
(e)Late blood disorder ll liver treatment by vegetable, bone marrow soup, and cucumber etc. were used. Plenty of fruits such as pear, persimmon etc. were given as the source of vitamin. Patients were well - nourished since they practiced “Rest at home treatment” instead of being hospitalized, having potatoes,  pumpkins wax gourds etc. as side dishes. Other than the things previously stated, injection of vitamin C and B were given and for high fever phenacetin and sulfamin, but they weren't effective.
(f)About Fork Remedy ( Remedies without doctor's instructions, but folk ways ) Boiled juice of followings were used to cure A-bomb disease, showing good results. They were : persimmon leaves, Houttuyniae Herba. Aloe, Nandina Domestica Thunb, Perilla.
(g)Some of the victims drank vinegar , getting good results. And there were some, knowing that their death were unavoidable, drank a lot of Japanese sake desperately, but got well.

(4) Explanation of my Research Data on Folk Remedies
   Most of the data were given to me by the people who read the article about my desire to gather information about folk medicines and remedies the paper. Others, from newspapers, the book,  “Medical History of A-bomb Survivors”, the novel, “Black Rain” etc.

1)Co-operators on these data ....48
23 out of 48 gave me the data themselves or knew about the victims. Rest of the data were given by their family.
2)Distances from the hypocenter at the time of blast. 20 out of 48 a unknown.   

Please refer to table 4


(5) Descriptions of “Folk” Remedy and Medicine
   As for folk remedy, traditional folk medicines should be used. There are internal medicine and external medicine. External medicine is used mostly for burns.
   Other than vegetation, a lot of fish and shellfishes are used as folk medicine. Also there are vomiting method and moxibustion.
Please refer to table 5. (A),(B),(C),(D)



6. Description of Folk Medicines and Cases Treated with

(1) Houttuyniae Herba (Juyaku)
   Eleven people are known to have used “Juyaku” in treating themselves and all quite healthy at the present proving its effectiveness. But about others who passed with the same treatment or who didn't get good results from it, no report was available.
    Distances from the hypocenter at the time of blast of these 1,700 meters(2), 1,000(2), 1,500(1), 1,800(1), 2,300(1), 25,00(1), unknown(3)

  Case of 17 and 14 years old sisters who were exposed to A-bomb within 1,000 meters from the hypocenter Fortunately, they were slightly injured. But the elder sister on the very day, had nosebleed and high fever-she was unconscious for three day. After recovering her sense, she was given Houttuyniae Herba juice by her mother for the period of one whole year. She is now active as a nurse in the department of surgery at Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Biology of Hiroshima University. On the other hand, her younger sister being in good shape, wasn't given this Houttuyniae Herba juice. Then in the beginning part of September, she had high fever, epilation, diarrhea, pharyngitis, melena which were all symptoms of A-bomb disease, passing away in late December. The elder sister who is now active as a nurse says, "I am alive now because I drank that - Houttuyniae Herba juice. It is regrettable to know that most doctors today aren't interested in that miraculous  “Folk Medicine”, but you (Dr. Ogawa) are the saver. She called me since she was so glad to know of my studying “Folk Medicine”.
From “Medical History of A-bomb Survivors”

  Case of Mr. Noboru Kume's (chief of marine voluntary guards at the time of blast) nieces. Excerpts follow. "One of my nieces was exposed to A-bomb within 700 meters from the hypocenter, and pinned down under the timbers of the house that had collapsed, but after a few days, she was able to crawl out of it. She had symptoms such as epilation, bleeding, and gingivitis, so right away she was taken to Ato-village. There, a doctor told her to boil Houttuyniae Herba and drink that juice as you drink tea, also to eat a lot of fresh vegetable. She got well. By doing so. At present, she has a child of her own, quite healthy. 
   My other niece was exposed to A-bomb within 240 meters from the hypocenter in a ferroconcrete building. She was hospitalized in a navel hospital in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and got proper treatment. But on August 17 in spite of proper treatment passed away. Her leucocyte count, 6 or 7 days after the blast was less than 400."

  My comment on this case : taking Houttuyniae Herba at early stage (2 or 3 days after the blast) would be effective but when the condition becomes so bad as the latter case (leucocyte count, less than 400), it may not be effective.

Pharmacological action
  Houttuyniae Herba : driving off the fever, antibacterial, antivirus, diuresis, used in antidote etc.
Whole plant is dried and used as medicine. The chief ingredients : essencial oil containing; methyl-n-nonyl ketone C11H20O, myrcene C10H16, geranial etc. quercetin C21H20O11, KCl, K2Sa4 etc.
  In Chinese clinical study, Houttuyniae Herba mixed with platycodon grandiflourm is used to remove phlegm in croupous pneumonia and lung abscess. If Houttuyniae Herba (Yuxing cao) was taken as tea, it will help to cure the inflammation of one's lung. For dermatopathia, Houttuyniae Herba with combination of schizonepepa and forsyphia or bupleurum and rehmannia is effective.
It is also used in acute enteritis and dysentery. Geranium herb is often used with Houttuyniae Herba.

(2) Leaves of Cinnamomum Camphora Herb
Case of 18 years old young man
   He was exposed to A-bomb within 800 meters from the hypocenter at Hirose elementary school ground. No burns, but a scar on his neck. He was in good health but at the beginning of September, showed symptoms like purpura, gingivitis, diarrhea, epilation, and high fever. He was in a critical condition but his grandmother t,old his mother to boil leaves of Cinnamomum Camphora Herb for him. A day after taking this juice, fever started to fall and within a week, bleeding from teeth (gum) and intestine stopped. Strange thing was that a scar on his neck started to suppurate and lots of pus came out. He is alive now in good health but when feeling weak, takes this juice.

Pharmacological action
Cinnamomum Camphora Herb : used as insecticide, poisonous, used as stimulant camphor injection etc.
   According to Japanese version of "Pentsao Kang mu", for sever diarrhea and vomiting coming from gastroenteritis, boiled juice of this Cinnamomum Camphor Herb (the trunk of a tree)is effective, and for cramp of muscle and swelling of legs, just apply this boiled juice. For severe diarrhea and vomiting or infant's vomiting milk, boil the bark of Cinnamomum Camphora Herb.

(3) Leaves of the Japanese Persimmon Herb
  The way to make this juice : put some persimmon leaves into a pot and pour some hot water. After waiting for a few minutes, take this as medicine. Since this persimmon leave contains a lot of vitamin C, as previously stated, it was widely used.

  There was a man who for a week came near the hypocenter to look for a dead body of his relative from the country side. He, after coming home from the search of the dead body was told to take this persimmon leave juice every day as antidote from a neighbor. Owing to this, he was free from the secondary radiation disease. He is well and active now and there seems a lot more like him living at present.

Medicinal action : stop bleeding, excretion of urine, reduce one's blood pressure etc.
The chief ingredients : vitamin C, carotin, cryptoxanthin, rutin, quercitrin etc.
The persimmon tannin is used for burn.

(4) Cipangopal Udina Herb
Case of a mission school student :
  She was exposed to A-bomb within 1,000 meters from the hypocenter, mildly wounded. In the middle of August, symptoms like high fever, purpura, epilation, gingivitis, and bleeding started to show. She was in a critical condition. Knowing that she was going to die, her parents were getting ready for her funeral. But instinctively at night, her father went out to his paddy field and brought back some Cipangopal Udina Herb, cracking its shell, taking out the meat part and smashed them to get juicy liquid. It really smelt bad but he forced her to drink it. Amazingly, from the next day after taking this juice, fever started to fall and all other symptoms started to disappear. She was saved. At present, she is healthy, happily married and has one healthy child.

Medicinal action : driving off the fever, excretion of unnecessary body fluids, anuria, jaundice, beriberi, edema, hemafecia, furuncle, infectious swelling coming from fever, nephritic abdominal dropsy. - - - According to Tokuo Okuda, smashed meat part of this, mixed with flour is effective when applied to one's swelling, but since this is not in medical literature, it must be one of the traditional things.

(5) Salt Water
Case of a man and his daughter
  They were exposed to A-bomb within 1,500 meters from hypocenter. The man had mild burn on his head but his daughter, seemed unhurt. Both of them busied themselves with rescuing work till the evening of August 6 and went home. Being a member of rescue party, he was often told during the rescue training to take lots of salt water when inhaling poison. Thus, he told his wife to make lots of salt water and they both drank lots of it. They slept till the morning of August 8, with high fever, unconscious. On August 8, they had yellowish diarrhea, and thereafter, reduction of fever was observed. They are healthy.

7. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

(cucumber, pumpkin, tomato, radish, carrot, potato, unpolished rice, peach, fig, watermelon, etc.)
Case of an army surgeon
  He was exposed to A-bomb within 700 meters from the hypocenter while on duty. On night of August 6 , while bivouacking in the suburb, he found tomatoes and cucumbers in a field, and ate his fill. Not like others, his radiation disease was mild. He thinks eating lots of vegetables did the wonder. At present, he is actively at work as a doctor (71 years old) Case of a pharmacist (a letter addressed to me)

Dear Sir
July 15, 1987
     I was exposed to A-bomb within 2,500 meters from the hypocenter. I only had my leg sprained and on night of August 6, passing through the hypocenter, went home on foot. My parents thought that America being a highly civilized nation, the bomb dropped in Hiroshima must be a scientific one. So, right after my arrival, with a help of wisdom of living, they started to work on ridding of poison within my body. For detoxication, boiled juice of Cassia seed, Coix seed and Houttuynia herb were given to me as substitution of tea for a long time. I have been drinking it as health tea for forty some years. For blood - making medicine. I was given reddish vegetables like tomatoes and carrots, for they are rich in vitamin A..   which help making blood. I didn't like tomatoes, but was forced to eat them. As for carrots, they were used in every dishes there were. Also, pumpkins and burdocks were used. No milk was available at the time, so Mother made milk from soybeans, as supply of protein.
     Treatment such as above was given to me in spite of severe shortage of food and difficulties, by my beloved mother, all coming from her wisdom of living, mercy and love, which I shall never forget. I cannot stop tears coming out from my eyes, whenever I hear a word, “Mother” . Thanks to her, I had no diarrhea, bleeding, epilation, gingivitis, as such were the symptoms of A-bomb disease. I had none, what so ever. I am really healthy and active now, working at a clinic in the Mint Bureau, as a pharmacist. I am a directly exposed A-bomb survivor, yet never had any of the symptoms, of A- bomb disease. Why is this so ? I can think of three things : (1) ridding of poison ( radioactivity) was fast and proper.  (2) kept drinking herbal tea as health tea for a long period of time.  (3) took in fresh vegetables as blood - making medicine and eutrophic, obtained from mother nature.
      Stated above is the experience of my natural therapy after the A-bomb blast. I am certain that above method did me the miracle.
       I am writing this letter to you, hoping this to be a help to your research study of A-bomb disease.
         To : Dr. Arata Ogawa Sincerely,
                                  T. Nisi.

   My comment on this case : treating method taken by her parents were excellent. It seems that there are a lot of other survivors like her, living now, but if the treatment delays and victims become really sick, like falling into a critical condition, even with above method of treating, it may not be helpful.

8. Moxibustion

(1) Symptoms on Oral Cavity, Stomach, and Intestine. (with diarrhea)
*( ) indicates a distance in meters from the hypocenter at the time of blast.
Case 1. (1,800m) A man had diarrhea around August 20, but no fever nor epilation. So he drank boiled juice of Mugwort, Houttuynia herb, but wasn't effective. He then put salt on his navel and on top of it miso, giving moxa cautery for an hour. By this, diarrhea was cured. A month latei~, he started to work.

Case 2. (700m) (in ferroconcrete building) He had a bruise on his head and other than that - healthy. His mother made him drink boiled juice of Houttuynia herb from August 7, but around August 21, he was hit by diarrhea, so he stopped taking Houttuynia herb and ate lots of fresh vegetables but wasn't effective. He then went to acupuncture therapist and had moxa cautery, which finally stopped his diarrhea.

Case 3. (?m) He had diarrhea around August 27, so moxa cautery was practiced to four acupoints around the navel and Stomach Meridian S36 (Zusanli).

Case 4. He suffered from residual radiation disease, for he, after the blast, came to Hiroshima to look for his sisters', corpses for two weeks, all the way from Kure. Around August 20, he had diarrhea, so went to hospitals for treatment but couldn't get cured. But after giving moxa cautery on Bladder Meridian B 18, B 20, B 23, he got well.

(2) Acute Radiation Disease
(?m) A woman (70 years old) :
She said:
“I had symptoms like high fever, epilation, purpura, bleeding, especially uterine bleeding was bad. I was almost unconscious but in my dream, appeared my mother-in-law, telling me to cauterize with moxa at the sole of my feet. Next morning, I asked my daughter to do moxa cautery to that point indicated by my mother-in-law. After moxibustion bleeding started to lessen, so I kept doing moxa cautery for a few months, then to my surprise, other symptoms also disappeared little by little”
   Since she is one of my patients, I asked her to show me the point. It was Kidney Meridian K1 (Yongquan). She said, ' This story may sound too good to be true but if you have any doubts, ask about this matter to our family doctor. Sato." This acupoint (Yongquan) is related to our kidney and genital gland, but what we call bladder meridian in Oriental medicine also has relation to functioning of bladder and genital gland. It also relates to capillary vessel bleeding with bone and cerebrospinal nerve. It is often used to cure angina pectoris and dyspnea in the case of emergency. It is a surprise, to hear a seriously wounded radiation disease patient being cured just by this one acupoint, but this a real story given by my patient herself.

9. Vomiting Method

   As at Chernovyl, like I have stated above, vomiting usually starts about two weeks later, after the blast. There were two, who used the vomiting method actively instead of using antiemetic,
Case 1. A young man (19 years old truck driver)
   On August 6, around noon, by order of Japanese Army, he moved many A-bomb victims to Ujina Harbor. Thinking, they'd inhaled poison, he put rice sack (smelt bad)on their heads (to about 30 people) , causing all of them to throw up. Thanks to this rice sack vomiting method, after forty some years from the blast, some of the survivors come to this truck driver for his doings.

Case 2. (700 meters from the hypocenter) [A mother(24)and her daughter(4)]
   Fortunately they didn't have burns or external injury. On their way home on August 6 , they found a well, and repeated the action of drinking water and vomiting it by putting one of their fingers way into the mouth. They were healthy but around August 21 , mother started to have symptoms like high fever, epilation, gingivitis, diarrhea and became unconscious. She drank boiled juice of Cassia seed and persimmon leaves but her diarrhea couldn't be arrested. But after eating fig, it was arrested, and began to get well. As for her daughter, no symptoms of A-bomb disease were seem. They are both alive and healthy.

Case 3. From a certain doctor's verbal evidence living in Hiroshima
   In this verbal evidence given at the ninth IPPNW meeting held in Hiroshima, he stated that he was exposed to A-bomb in the street car which was within 800 meters from the hypocenter. It was burnt black. He was a high school student of 17 then, and a physician of 61, at the present. For a few days after the blast, he really felt sick and kept vomiting. It was so bad that his mouth was dry and couldn't eat anything. He suffered from severe radiation disease for about a year but was luckily saved.
* I think this repetition of vomiting saved him. If vomiting is assisted with fluids therapy detoxication would be lot easier.

◎ Significance of Vomiting
   In Oriental medicine there are four ways to treat patients : (1) therapy diaphoresis (2) therapy by emesis (3) therapy by purgation (4) hermonizing therapy to rebalance
   Vomiting method is important when ridding poison, but for those weak, not proper. If healthy, above method should be taken. But in Modern Oriental Medicine, it isn't used much, except when ridding poison from one's chest. Using one's finger, and sack to vomit is wisdom of man. Therefore, when I saw a relief report on atomic power plant accident at Chernovyl, made by Prof. of Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Biology of Hiroshima University, on television, their treatment method surprised me, in that victims were given antiemetic as first step of treatment. It is a nonsense. Vomiting is a healing reaction naturally possessed within our living body. Thus, vomiting is an action of getting rid of poison out of one's living body. This is a blind spot in modern medicine not only at Chernovyl but including Japan, internationally.

10. The Concept of the Poison (drugs) and the Actual Treatment 
(YOSHIMASU Todo(Toudou) as a clinician)

   As biological response on human body given by radiation right after the blast, either in A-bomb radiation disease or in secondary radiation disease, mainly, the accumulation of various disorders on bone marrow caused total bleeding of all capillary vessels with lessening of leukocyte and thrombocyte, on top of these,infections. To analyze this condition of disease, modern western medicine gives blood test, and treat patients mainly by giving blood transfusion or transplanting bone marrow, which is quite appropriate.
  But as previously stated, it is a surprise to know common people naturally practiced detoxication by various means having the concept of taking some sort of poison in, before the radiation disease broke out. Why was this done?
  It was because on the vary day of the blast, an offensive smell filled the whole city, which was taken as poison gas. In the city, about thirty thousand people were exposed to 3,000-4,000 degrees C of intense heat rays instantly. By this, carbonization of the skin and drying up of internal organs took place and many died on the spot. Naturally, an offensive smell from this greeted people's nostrils in distant places, making them think this is a new poison gas bomb.
  But they weren't at all aware of the initial and secondary radiation disease which will begin to take place right after from the blast. Some doctors knew this was radiation, from radiographic sensitivity. It wasn't till professor Tamagawa at University of Hiroshima who gave autopsy to clarify the nature of diarrhea smeared with blood coming from people who were isolated as having dysentery, that the cause was not dysentery but radiation, which was after August 20 .
  As previously stated, autopsy to clarify the nature of diarrhea smeared with blood could have been carried out faster if it weren't for that Prefectural Health Department. As such were the situation in Hiroshima at the time, people not knowing what was going on, took the measure of detoxication thinking they've inhaled poison gas.

  Hiroshima is a birthplace of Toda Yoshimasu, a genius in medicine, whose teaching was to attack poison with poison (drugs). He was active in "Edo" era, some two hundred and scores of years ago. He was certain that all illness was caused by what he called "poison". 
  Poison is any substance formed by stagnation of body fluids, like vitiated blood. A-bomb victims in Hiroshima took various ways for detoxication without anyone telling them what to do, and this may be an influence of Todo. His achievements were recognized among the specialists of traditional medicine and pioneers of modern western medicine. )

11. Problems of Late Appearing Disorders from Radiation (illustration by examples)

  Case of an acquaintance of mine who is a doctor (age,70) in the department of radiology.
  He was an army surgeon working in a military hospital which was about 1,000 meters from the hypocenter. There, on August  6, he was exposed to A-bomb. He was moved to a hospital in Miyoshi area and got western medical treatment and was saved. But he couldn't have any children due to radiation damage given to his generative functions. He then, started to treat himself with Chinese medicine, and surprisingly, a few years later, he was blessed with a child. This miraculous happening was so grateful that he wept for joy. This incident lured him to go into studying of Chinese medicine. Data given in this booklet aren't much but late a appearing disorders from radiation can be lessened by detoxication treatment.
   An army surgeon was exposed to A-bomb within 700 meters from the hypocenter and spent a few days in a field.
  Fortunately, he was given the best modern medical treatment there was. But he cannot have any children due to radiation damage given to his generative functions. On the other hand, like a girl who drank herb medicine, and a girl who drank mud snail's juice, as stated previously, they both after the marriage have healthy child of their own. What I want to say is that if you don't try to get rid of poison (radioactivity) after the cause, you will have after effects of radiation. And this, be it, initial radiation, or residual radiation, or problems of radioactive fall out, is deeply related. In other words, poison is one of the causing factors of sexual gland, disorder, chronic hepatitis, leukemia, and malignant tumor, and so ridding of poison plays an important rule.
   The radiation damage given by the accident of atomic power plant at Chernovyl, not long ago is thought to be terrible. Radioactive fallout was seen not only in Russia but through out whole Europe, troubling many people. It is said that the emission of cesium 137 was 500 times more than that of Hiroshima. Pollution of milk given to 480,000 km2 and victims relating to it were estimated to be 6,250.
   I am not going to deny the advancement of science in such fields as epidemiology, genetics etc. but when making a diagnosis of a patient, it shouldn't be done just by observing the symptoms seen on the surface but as away used in Oriental medical diagnosis, deeper observation, going back to one's case history should be done in grasping the real cause of the illness which most of us doctors lack these days. In making diagnosis of a patient, I use both Oriental and Occidental medical ways,, and by this method and detoxrcation treatment many on coming diseases such as mailgnant tumor, hepatitis, etc. can be prevented.
* As to treatment and diagnosis of patients having late appearing disorders from radiation, I will try to give detail report on them in my next booklet.

12. Summary 

(1)I have stated about general symptoms of A-bomb disease. As for detailed information, please refer to documents on phathology.
(2)Due to lack of medical materials at the time of A-bomb blast, much on modern western medical treatment couldn't be introduced. But folk medicines which showed incredible effect on disease were introduced.
(3)I have stated about folk medicine, medicinal food, vomiting and moxibustion.
(4)I have stated about ridding methods of poison by folk ways and its effectiveness .
(5)I have stated the necessity of detoxication treatment, not only for the illness coming from radiation but in all medical treatment.
(6)I have emphasized that we have a lot to learn from that genius in medicine, '


   Progress made by science on blood test, transplant of bone marrow, and trasfusion of blood etc. is just marvelous. To have further advancement of modern western medicine, and to save many patients suffering from illness, with renewal of our recognition on superb wisdom or oriental medicine, West and East should be merged to make one universal medicine. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to many co-operators who have contributed in making this booklet by giving me information on A-bomb disease and to those reporters who had given me hands in their own ways.

OGAWA Arata Ph.D.  November 1989

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Writer’s career
1945 graduated from Okayama University of Medicine
1953 Chief Surgeon at Hiroshima City Hospital
1963 set up Dr. Ogawa's office
1975 Director of Japan Oriental Medical Association
1979 Chairman of OKETSU Research Committee

Honorary Member of Japan Oriental Medical Institution
Guest Professor at Shanghai Chinese Medical University
Chairman of Japan Kampo Medical Association

OGAWA Arata Ph.D.
Kusatsu-higashi Nishi-ku Hiroshima Japan (postal code) 733


Mirror for Americans:JAPAN by Helen Mears,  Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston, 1948)


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